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By: Brandi Cronen

I started keto in mid September 2017. I was drinking heavily though and did not lose any weight that first month. I did however watch my blood glucose numbers drop from the 300’s down to the 100’s in just days. I was so sick from drinking myself to death. One month into starting keto, I stopped drinking. For two weeks, I was so sick. Then magically the weight started coming off. I went from being on 8 different medications down to three, under my Dr’s supervision. She has closely monitored my lab work every three months. I’m completely off all diabetes medication, cholesterol medication, and most of my heart medication. Right now I have a heart medication and a med for hypothyroidism. I go in, in about two weeks for labs again to see if I can reduce any of these last ones yet. I have currently lost 71.2lbs and I’m 5’2”. I still a little ways to go but I’ve come very far. It’s also coming off very slow and I’m totally ok with that too. I’m sober from alcohol over 300 days and regaining my health at 36. I think I might be healthier now than I ever was in my 20’s (even though I weighed less at times). I never took pics. I hate full body pics but managed to snap one yesterday for my own viewing of my progress. I’ve wanted to send you my transformation for awhile, but like most things, I lacked the courage. So here are my pics, that I never intended to share. Lol. I also never took my measurements which I knew I’d regret. AND I finally started my YouTube channel in July. I wanted to from the very beginning but I absolutely could not get in front of the camera. Now, I find the courage to and the confidence within me to take those risks I feared for so long. Brandi Cronen “Lashin and Dashin”.

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