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By: Hira Tahir

I'm from pakistan, 27 years old, Pre diabetic, HyperFat Storing Hormoneemic And with adrenal fatigue issue, which I didn't recognize until I saw your videos. I weighs 80 Kg, 3 months ago, but when I saw your videos I started keto, well It was not totally keto, it was somehow low carb, because I tried to keep my carbs below 20, but I also cheated in a while (doesn't let ketosis to start), Well in that period I didn't lose much weight, just lose few inches, but when I started IF (2 meals /day) with low carb. I rapidly lost weight, with big decrease in inches.and lost 11 KG in less than 1.5 month. And almost 4-6 inches from all parts. Beside this my health was improved so much. All adrenal fatigue and other symptoms were vanished. I stopped all medication. And now I'm feeling so healthy. Then in Ramadhan my routine got changed, and I stopped controlling my diet. But I didn't gain weight until now, I'm doing IF with low carb again from last two days, and can feel difference again. It's all thanx to you. Just because of your videos and guidance I became able to improve my health. Thank you so much. I am really really thankful from my heart, and I really respect you.

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