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By: Jeff Spilman

I'm 65. 6 feet. I've lost 45 lbs on keto. I now weight 175. I feel better and my mind is sharper. I now allow myself a cheat day 2 or 3 times a month. Or i might have chicken wrap for lunch once in awhile. I actually don't call it a diet any more. It's just now the way i eat permanently. Not going back. Medical background. I have had 3 heart attacks. After the last one is when i finally realized my "diet" was in the process of killing me. I got serious so that i could give myself the best chance of survival. I have been watching and studying you and Tom Deloren religiously. I'm hoping this change will start the process of healing my arteries. I think keto is the best chance I have. Being 65 has presented me with another issue. My doctor tells me my estrogen levels are very high. Apparently effecting my sex drive and performance. He wants to put me on another drug given to women to help treat breast cancer. I have not agreed to that so far. I may, because I read that high estrogen levels in men can contribute to heart disease. I would like you and Tom to do some videos specifically covering topics like this for us older folks issues. Particularly as it relates to dealing with the issues with diet. Keep up the good work. I'll be watching.

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