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By: Jacqueline L Lopez

I have always been over weight, I'm 5'4 and at my thinnest and happiest I was 190. I was strong and had great endurance and just a little tummy. I got pregnant and gained 35 lbs, which wasnt to bad, but then being home, not working or exercising and on top of that starting a baking business I went up to 240, and got pregnant again! Fast forward to 11 weeks ago I was 276, the biggest I had ever been, I had no energy to play with the kids, or do anything really. I finally made the choice to go into Ketosis and make a change. In 11 weeks I've lost 45lbs. I intermittently fast and usually only have one meal a day because I rarely feel hunger. I would say my macros are about 50% fat 40% protein and 10% carbs. I walk a couple miles 3 nights a week and do some resistance training as well, although that hasnt sped up or slowed down my weight loss. I cook for 4 people everyday, myself and my husband (who is also doing keto) and my two kids, who are pasta lovers. Even having to prepare different foods for the children I've managed to not have a slip up or cheat day. My journey is no where near done as my goal is to lose 100lbs, but I'm almost half way there!!

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