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By: Gabriella

I got out of a toxic relationship 4 months ago. During the relationship my stress levels were very high. I was constantly feeling anxious and confused. During the year I was with this person, I managed to put on nearly 10kg! The whole time I was trying to fight this weight gain by reducing calories, training hard at the gym, making sure I got at least 10k steps on my Fitbit every day and cutting right down on obvious sugar. Nothing worked! I would lose a kilo or 2 only to gain it right back! The last time I was that heavy was when I was pregnant! So in addition to my anxiety and confusion from things going on in my relationship, I felt unattractive and lost some of the confidence I used to have. I was also constantly uncomfortable. I had inflammation and found it so hard to keep good posture. It took me about 2 months to get over the heartbreak and pain. This is when I decided to focus all my energy on getting my health and confidence back. I came across a you tube videos the benefits of doing a 48-72 hour fast. The video really resonated with me and I started a 48 hour fast then and there.. I felt super motivated. I was voraciously watching you tube videos on the topic. I came across Dr. Berg and ketosis. I decided I was going to try a ketogenic diet. The beautiful thing was that I could eat all my favourite foods! I lost all my cravings. I was and am rarely hungry. About 2-3 weeks in, I did an 84hour fast. I really wanted the benefits of cell renewal. The weight loss was just an added bonus. I’m now eating one meal a day most days. I find that plenty for me. I follow Dr. Berg’s advice and add heaps of kale and other leafy greens to my meals. I have heaps more energy and one of the best parts for me is the mental clarity I now have! I actually feel like I got smarter! My skin has improved. I look younger. It’s like I discovered the fountain of youth and got the last year of my life back and then some. My pain and inflammation has gone. It’s so much easier to maintain good posture. I’m also right now wearing jeans I didn’t fit into for over a year. Even then they were a bit too snug but now they fit me perfectly. I feel like i’m eating in a way that comes very natural to me but I was always afraid to do because of all the misinformation out there. Thank you for reading. Keto on! ?????

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