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Monique Creque Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Monique Creque

I am a 47 years old Female. I’ve struggled with obesity all of my life. I’ve tried everything to loose weight, to include, gastric bypass surgery in which I was over 460 pounds at that time. Less than a year ago, after doing the Atkins Diet for a few years, I had decided to try the Keto diet. However, I had stopped loosing weight on the keto diet. I then began to watch your videos on intermittent fasting, Fat Storing Hormone resistance, the keto diet. As of 9/29/20, I began the Healthy keto diet based on your principles and I have been loosing close to 1 pound a day. I thank you Dr. Berg. I still have more weight to loose before reaching my weight loss goal. However, I am extremely confident that I will do so, successfully. P.S. I truly enjoy your cooking videos, as well.

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