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I am 55 Pounds Lighter

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By: Glenn Chua

Hi Dr. Berg, My name is Glenn Chua, from Manila Philippines. I'm one of your avid subscribers in YouTube who keeps up to date with all your tips and helpful lectures not just about weight loss, but for better health and wellness too. I started my journey last September 8, 2016. I hopped on a weighing scale and to my surprise, it tipped to 240 lbs. I am quite tall, 6'2", but I am already 45 years old. I then decided that I needed to make a huge change in my lifestyle. I went online and searched for articles and videos, and luckily came across your YouTube channel. Hands down yours is the ONLY channel that told the truth about weight loss. From the foods to eat, triggering Ketosis, to avoiding stress to lower Cortisol. I've learned so much from you, Dr. Berg! It's been 8 months and 9 days since I started my weight loss journey, and now I'm 55 lbs lighter! I don't crave breads, rice, pasta, pancakes, sweets, alcohol and junk food anymore. I've been doing intermittent fasting as well which also helped me overcome the "Plateau" on my weight loss. I just wanted to thank you personally for helping me through this journey of mine. I really appreciate you shooting all those videos which not only helped and inspired me enormously, but thousands of people as well. I hope I can meet you in person so that I can shake your hand some day. We'll never know. Again, thank you so much for everything and keep posting videos. PS: I love the "Keto Fat Bombs" you and your wife are cooking!

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