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By: Jessica Green

I am 36 years old, Obesity and digestive problems were part of my life since I was 20. At 29 I was getting a colonoscopy because of how terrible my digestion had become. Doctor after doctor told me that I was fine. At no point did anyone discuss my diet with me. Even though I was 180lbs on a 4'11 tall body. I decided my doctors were useless and decided to start doing my own treatment. That's when I discovered your channel on youtube last summer. I lost over 45 lbs this year. Again I am only 4'11 tall. So 45 lbs is a huge amount of weight. I look like a different person. "Before" was taken in June 2018, "After" was in August 2019. I've lost 7 more lbs since the after photo was taken. Using Keto/Low Carb and IF my body has been completely transformed. I went from throwing out my back several times a year to being active and dancing. Dr. Berg I cannot overstate that You probably Saved My Life. God Bless you. *(I love your live Q and A's with Karen, she is just the cutest!) You deserve a noble prize for making this information free to all. P.S. I am going to ask my husband for your acupressure tool for christmas!

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