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By: Marie Timmins

Hi I’m 43 years old I started keto 1 year a go. My starting weight was84kg I’m now 72 kg . But I’ve been on cruises that stuffed keto up. I’ve been doing 1 mean a day most days or sometimes even do prolong fasting say twice a month stop eating for 42 hours. I have apple cider vinegar before I eat and after I take vitamins D3K2 Dr bergs ones and I take Zinc magnesium . I eat soooo much salad like you say or green vegetables such as 4 zucchini asparagus Broccoli So I do either salad or vegetables. With Salmon Or breast of chicken or eye stake or two eggs and I put in my salad avocado Cucumbers lettuce baby spinach pick salt. And I I put nutritional Yeast on the salad. . I’ve got soo much Energy I go to bed about 8:30 but get to sleep about say 9:30pm but I always wake up about 2 in the morning to go to the toilet. Then I wake up about 4 before the alarm goes offf but I’m not tired . I work with children run around all day. I am not tied I go go go I feel great. I need to lose 5 more kg but it is not moving oh I do HIIT exercise two to three times a week. I do band toning exercises once or twice a week I can’t lose the last 5 to 6 kg please help me Thank you Marie Kg

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