Martin Rosengaard


By: Martin Rosengaard

Hi Eric, I just wanted to show you what I've completed with the knowledge I've gotten from you. I've been eating low glycemic, fasting 16/8, and doing some Keto for a while underway through the transformation. Your words have been my bible. Potassium is so effective when you get enough, especially with a lot of muscle mass. You talking about doing LCHF almost 2 years ago, motivated me and made me realize that what you said about having stable blood sugar will help immensely on weight loss! I've also really taken to my diet regiment not to eat before at least noon on 6 out 7 days in the week. That also works brilliantly regarding GH. I've been listening a lot to YOU and AthleanX (mostly for training advice). Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge about nutrition and weight loss. I'll link my video if you would like to see my transformation =)

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