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By: Irene Pawig

Hi Dr. Eric Berg, First of all I praise and thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the wonderful and amazing success I have been experiencing since I got into Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting. Secondly, I send my thanks and gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge to us through youtube.(free!) My sister (lost weight too and reached ideal weight by following your health tips) introduced your video links to me last year of august (2018). I’ve watched your videos (less than 20 videos around that time) I have started last year 17th Sept, in KD/IF, plus 3x a day Apple Cider Vinegar (2 teaspoons in a warm cup of water) , 1 - 1/2 hours everyday (except sunday) Intensity Exercises (CARDIO & ABS Exercises) including Lumowell youtube exercises with Dumbbells (ABS & ARMS), (during exercise 2 scoops of amino energy BCAA in a liter of water and post workout Whey protein 24g). My weight before was 144 lbs (9/17/18) ... I weighed last sunday 4/28/19 123 lbs!!!! (Lost 21 lbs) The lightest weight I have since last year and 6 yrs ago. For info, after 3 months (since 9/17/18) I lost 18-19 lbs then got Weight Plateau for 4 months between (125-129 lbs) ... But Since couple of weeks ago, my weight has been going down. I am so happy for this awesome accomplishment (Philippians 4:13).. I feel much better, energized, ,more alert, enthusiastic & attentive to my surroundings . I don’t feel fatigue at the end of the day. Currently I do 2 meals a day... after I exercise @ 7am (whey protein) as my first meal and at 2:30pm 2nd meal (1650 mls of green smoothie and hardboiled eggs x2 high protein high fiber fruits, nuts and cheese) . I would eat meat and seafoods as well. My green smoothie has 12 ingredients and it has equivalent of 7 cups of green leafy vegetables per day adult requirement (in 1600-1650 mls per meal/day drink) My family, friends and colleagues have been noticing and express their amazement of the changes of my body and more glowing of skin. I share Info of the green smoothie ingredients that I make (they like the taste!) ,my health regimen and your video you tube links to them. My goal is to lose 9 more pound to achieve 114 lbs ideal weight (5 feet tall). Thank you again very much for all your help.. I hope & pray for more blessings upon you and your work. It does definitely and undoubtedly changes lives. Keep it up with your passion and excellent job, Dr. Berg! You are an awesome doctor of nutrition! We praise God for you! Have a wonderful day! God bless, Irene (pawig) Clovis CA USA [email protected] I attached 2 photos Before : taken 8/13/18 (last year) After: taken 4/28/19 (last sunday)

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