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By: Krista Simpkins

Hi Dr. Berg! One year ago, my husband and I were both seriously overweight and struggling with our health. By chance, I came across one of your videos about healthy Keto. Everything you said just seemed to make so much sense, and it became clear why conventional diets had failed us in the past. I watched all your videos and bought your book, and we implemented your advice on Keto with IF. We started with 3 meals a day with no snacking and immediately started dropping weight. After a few months we found we were no longer hungry in the morning and transitioned to IF with 2 meals a day. Our results have really been life changing...I have lost 125 lbs so far, and my husband has lost over a 100. We are both feeling great and are each getting closer to where our BMI should be. Typically I'm not someone who would post a before and after pic like this. However, my husband and I are proof that your advice works and Keto/IF is the path back to good health. I decided to go ahead and submit it in the hopes it might inspire others to get healthy too! Thanks Dr. Berg!

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