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Tina Westunger


By: Tina Westunger

Hi Dr Berg! My name is Tina Westunger from Stockholm, Sweden. 47 years young. I am SO thankful and happy that I found you on Youtube. For about 10 years I´ve been trying in any way there is to lose 10 kilos, but never succeeded. Mars 17 this year I started doing everything you recommend for weight loss: - ketogenic diet - apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, lot of greens, healthy fat and "good" proteins (mostly organic) - reducing stress and prioritizing a good night sleep - long power walks every day (about 12 km. per day, sometimes more) - eating two meals per day, sometimes only one meal Today, about 8 week later, I have lost 8 kilos, and there´s only two more to go.. I am so, so happy. I´ve been struggling so long to lose these extra kilos - and soon I´m reaching my goal. I did got of track a couple of weeks, think it was like week 4-5, so if I hadn't done that I probably would be at my goal weight now, but I try not no be so hard on myself. Everything you have learned me are working so I feel confident that this will work out just fine. :) It´s not only the lost fat around the stomach that make me so glad - it´s also the fact that I´m more sociable and not want to hide anymore. I have even been on a date (don´t know when that happened latest :). Also, thank you so much for the yummy recipes that you and Karen have been sharing. I´ve tried some of them and everything has been so tasty. I really believe that having possibility to enjoy (healthy) treats now and then are crucial, so that you don´t feel you lack anything. Even my 15 year old son tried one of the shortbread I made, and said: "Hmm.. Dr Berg´s cookies are actually really good. Can I have one more?" :) I do have before pictures that I took from the front and the side in a swimsuit, but I feel embarrassed to show them. I´ll be glad to upload a picture when I reach 60 kilos! Many times I´ve thought that I want to send the most beautiful bouquet of flower to you and Karen. I am so grateful, but maybe my success story will be a positive feedback. All the best and keep up the good work Doc! Thanks for changing my life. <3 // Tina

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