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By: Paul Matthews

Hi Dr Berg My name is Paul. I'm from Australia.I've struggled with my weight most of my life. I weighed 128kg at 2017.I ended up getting down to 125by exercise and eating healthy foods which was a start. Then I stayed at that weight. I wanted to loose more but I just got lazy. Then May 2013 I discovered I had heart failure and kidney failure because of a long period of having high blood pressure. I remember having shortness of breath and felt very fatigue. I had swollen ankles and feet. My blood pressure was SYS 275_DIA 150. My kidney function went down to 9%. The Doctors told me I need a Kidney transplant or dialysis. That day I was on a mission to get my health back together. I searched online found a kidney disease program that helped me take the first step to recovery. I also went vegetarian for a while. My kidneys got up to 25% it was good got down to 95kg. Then after that I got lazy started eating certain "healthy" junk and mainly high carb foods. Back then I thought that the brain only functions best on cards and sugar. Then I my weight became 120kg by mid 2015. My kidney function was down to 20 percent. Later that year I discovered one of your videos on how to loose weight quickly and on the idea of ketosis. In 2016 I started slowly transitioning into a low carb diet. I started reducing the sugar intake. I also started to apply intermittent fasting with 2 meals a day. The weight started coming down again slowly. My kidney percent did go down to 18 percent because I was having to much protein. I continued for another 2 months and they went up to 20 percent. The last blood test I had which was about 2 months ago. The Kidneys were back up to 25 percent. I currently weigh 99 kg aiming to get down to 90kg. I feel great. My immune system is stronger. I currently do a low carb, intermittent fasting meal plan. Usually one to two meals a day. Thank you very much Dr Berg. Your videos have really helped me.

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