KJ Buijs Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: KJ Buijs

Hi Dr Berg, Just a few notes, to keep story small :-) - male 57 year make all our food (also for wife and daugther) by myself, no "industrialized/processed" food at all - had 5 years ago a big belly, lost 15 kg and also the belly :-) - eat very varied, but lowered carbo a lot - no sugar, processed yeast and sodium - when used salt, it is celtic seasalt - eating organic for I think about 95% of all our food - since a few months I review your video's, thanks for the good work - especially I'm interested in lowering my blood pressure, that's still too high, so I'm now following your story about potassium and boosting the intake of that via tomato, avocado etc. So, in short some notes and showing my appreciation for what you are doing even some recipes I like very much (the best bread with arrowroot is an example) kind regards to you and your wife from us Adri & Kees-Jan Buijs The Netherlands

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