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Enid Suarez Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Enid Suarez

Hi ???? Dr. Berg, I'm a retired trainer. Learned to eat carbs, protein, and low fats. Lots of success while training, and eating clean. A fall on black ice, ended my career. With that; i managed to gain a wooping 70 plus lbs. Thank goodness, I found a wonder doctor that manged to fix my ill foot I also injured in the fall. I was able to get back to the gym. Lost all the weight. Fast forward 10 years, now in my 50s. Living with lots of lower body pain. My life has completely changed no gym, no cooking ; just in a angry state of mind. (Mind & body doesn't like it) I've had move from my Suburban lifestyle to a very busy, New York City area. Once again I've managed to gain a whopping 60 lb . I never had a problem with self motivation. I miss my career/other life style . Now working a stressfull desk job. My cortisol is way up. Sleep ????, is a thing of the past. Snacking at 3-4 Am in the morning.??? Ugh! I've fallen into unfamiliar, uncomfortable state. I've been watching your channel even before this change and found you to be very knowledgeable and interesting. Now older. How do I get back? Can i do the ketos Method ? I wonder whats going to happen to my skin?? Losing weight again. Can I switch my food intake?? Not a sugar or bread junkie. Yicks!! no fruits, oatmeal, brown rice??Big thing to wrap my head around. I felt crazy bloated after 2 whole egg 2 slices of real beacon. Ugh.???? I will send images of my last successful weight lose. Please help!!!! I would love you a lecture on tips to help someone like me; achieve this change. Warm regards, Enid Suarez ? ? Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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