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By: Prenny Abraham

Hi Dr. Berg! I lost 41 kilos and went from 130 to 89. I used the keto diet to get there but didn't realise I was doing it wrong. I put back on 25 kilos and decided that I needed to change the way I was going it. I came across your channel and man did I learn a thing or 2. You helped me get into ketosis within 2 days where as the first time it took me 6 weeks! Really grateful for your help. I have started to blog my journey and I will be sharing your channel a lot. Check out my instagram This is where I'm sharing tips and tools that have worked for me. It has a blog to go with it and blogging helps me learn just as much as helping someone else. Hope you like it. Would love a shout out from you, that would really help me grow.

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