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By: Linus Ng

Hi Dr Berg, I am Linus from Malaysia. I am 52 this year .Last year July I noticed your YouTube talking about IR, IF, keto diet, HIIT , having better sleep to burn fat and your fantastic delivery that is so easy to follow and understand. As I was overweight at 96kg,height 175cm, I was struggling with weight problems like fatigue, bad mood, could not think right , lack of energy, and I failed in many weight loss programs, I decided to follow your ways, well half heartedly. I started with IF, Keto, and HIIT. First two months I saw nothing happened. But suddenly, towards the end of third month, my waist line started to shrink, I was weighing 1-2 kg less per two weeks. This has started to motivate me even more. However, i has stopped HIIT in October because we were Having rain non stop and I could not go out but stayed at home. But I kept my Keto diet, slept even earlier. To my surprise my weight kept on dropping almost 3 kg per month. Today I weigh 77 kg, I shed almost 20 kg in 8 months. My family, my colleagues could not believe how i look now. My waiste like shrunk from 38 inch to 33 inch now !! I have to change my whole set of clothing in my wardrobe. Now, the new me, I have more energy, my brain seems to work faster and better, problem solving is better, my mood is calmer and most of all, for some reasons my friends said I look younger. Now with the new energy level I am able to enjoy my work better, more confident of myself and more socialable than before. I am really happy for the new me and I really like to thank for your invaluable simple ways but bloody effective in weight loss especially for people like me who have failed in controlling the weight effectively. I have been ‘fat’ for almost 30 years and now i have found myself in my teens!! I am still practising IF with one or two meals a day. Keto diet with low carbs, and HIIT only at weekends but not consistent. I am still losing weight now but more gradual compared to the first 5 months where it was more drastic. Because of my transformation, I have able to convince my wife to follow me and she has dropped 6kg and her type 2 diabetes has been reversed. She practises Apple cider drinking, IF and Keto diet and good sleep. Now both of us are very happy and indebted to you. When people asked us how we lose weight we tell them watch your YouTube and hopefully be inspired by our keto success stories. Thank you very much again Dr Berg from Malaysia.

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