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Lakshman Rao Perala Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Lakshman Rao Perala

Hi Dr. Berg, I am 23 Years Old. I was also a Type 2 diabetic. I followed a nautoropathy Diet( Popular in India). It is very difficult to follow. I was able to control by Diabetics with that. But, my weight was still at the higher end. I was 265 Pounds when I started Keto. I am now 190 Pounds. I completely lost hope before I knew about Keto. I was just praying to all Gods,to show me a path to reduce my weight. I did not exactly follow Keto. I twerked it a little. I was a little stricter with Carbs. I did not go for any Artificial Sweeteners. Limited Beans, Carrots, Onions. No Fruits at any cost. only Limited Dry Fruits. I lost a total of 80 Pounds in 5 months. i cannot be happier. I did not take much of dietary inputs from you. But, you are the main (and probably the only reason), for me to understand the Concept of Ketosis and Fat Storing Hormone Resistance. Thanks For that. I am gonna continue to do the same regarding my diet and hopefully r educe 20 more pounds. Fingers crossed. P.S: I seriously wanted to attend your conference in D,C. But, I do not live in the US. And, it is a long way to come, from India, just for the Summit. Hope you have a bash there, and keep educating and Inspiring People. Have a great time and Future ahead.

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