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By: Scott

Hi Dr. Berg ! 2-1-2019 I have had a double bypass and a valve 'Repair' 10 years ago. 8 years later I had a bad Angina Chest Pain admitting myself in the Hospital for 4 days. Dr.'s discovered (Veins only) 80%, 90%, & and 100% blockage. Right away my Sister suggested this Dr. Esselstyn (Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease book) from the Cleveland Clinic (I live here). Since the strictness of the diet I have been fine and with some exertion, no pain. Although I placed Rogain on my head and warnings said there is possibility of Chest Pains with this. I experienced some Angina for the first time in a year. Off of that and fine again. I have recently been OFF of Statins (my choice) from researching information. I feel great on the treadmill and lift a barbell doing curls and military press WHILE walking slow and fast on the treadmill. Very, very Mild discomfort in chest think that's from the surgery) but nothing to write home about. I am 63 Scott.

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