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By: Allen Rogers

Hey Dr Berg. I was a skinny kid. In my early 20's I began to put on weight. By the time I got married at 22, I was 200#. I was diagnosed with high chol/high trigs in my mid 20's. By 30, I had metabolic syndrome. I listened to doctors, had bloodwork done, and was slapped on meds for years. In my late 30's I did atkins diet a couple times, lost some weight, but never stuck with it. IN 2016, I was over 240#, and T2D. My eating habits were out of control. I began a keto diet in March 2016. I am now 162 pounds. All of my health issues are repaired. I am healthy as a horse. I have taken up powerlifting and also am a runner. I spend most of my free time coaching others to get on keto, and not believe what the government has told us for the last 60 years. (I am including pictures of me and my wife, as she lost over 70# on keto with me as well)

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