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Tom Reincke Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Tom Reincke

Hello I’m a 1962 baby which makes me a 57 year old man at the time of writing this. Up until about a decade and a bit more ago I was 6’.4’ and bullet proof (actually 5’11’ and about 85kg). I then at first lost my Dad and 2 years later my mum. This and subsequent events spiraled me into a big black hole. I worked for and lost my six different ‘airline jobs’ – (pilot and cabin crew), I got a number of other jobs in-between those jobs to pay the bills and really had no passion for any of them like an investment real estate agent, police officer, tour bus driver, Cameleer, tractor driver, cement truck driver, first aid teacher, kitchen and bathroom demolisher/labourer and a sundrie of other jobs. I’ve lost count the number of times I have shifted house and states. I’ve lived in makeshift housing as I cared for my mother with Alzheimer’s, I’ve had to live with my possessions stored in cardboard boxes, I remember eating baked beans on a 2nd hand lumpy mattress on my garage floor on xmas day with no friends. You might say that I have had my fair share of stress. This put me in a black hole for a long long time and whilst there just about everything else flies out the window. Eating right was a pipe dream altho I always tried to eat healthily knowing the difference between what is healthy and what isn’t healthy, getting enough sleep or even rest was hard to achieve, happiness was rare or make believe and life over all if I look back was pretty crap. I have had counseling for being blue – I so hate the word depression but will accept being depressed. Why, people can sometimes understand being unhappy but they can’t on the whole understand depression. It’s lost me a few great things, and one of those things was love. I’ve been to Drs and walked out the door with a script for some mind numbing chemical that I was instructed to swallow every day. I found this MD fix hopeless and in fact I think worse as it made me dizzie and even further out of control of my head and this simply has negative consequences to your health in every measure and a physically notable and noticeable one being weight gain. I have had intermittent moments of what I thought was happiness but they became shorter lived and further apart. Having hit 100kgs and surrounded by a world of pain in my head, I took a holiday to Vietnam in November of 2019. I put a face on when we gathered to eat and drink but I found I could not wait to get back to the solitude of my hotel room to the burst out into wet eye – (wet eye is man code for cry). Over the years I have had many “nastie” thoughts of not wanting to be here and I had one more thing to do in hope after my trip to Vietnam and failing that I was done. The world had got the better of me altho I think up until the last little bit I still managed to put on a deceptively positive face. After my Vietnam escape in the hope of finding sanity and a little happiness I went to my pre Vietnam booked appointment to a Natural Health Centre in Bangkok to meet with a physician experienced in integrative and anti-aging medicine. After a brief consult I went for a Bio Scan which in laymens terms measures everything in your body from vitamins to hormone levels etc. I also had blood taken for testing – lots of tests for I think just about “everything”. I came back next day and I further explain my story to him, he asked me questions, we had a conversation and he listened. At that stage I could not tell my story without getting wet eye. Yes I was that low. It was terrible. At some stage the Dr said and I can remember this moment very well, he said. “I think we can help you”. Even to this day it almost gives me wet eye all over again just thinking about it. He advised my hormones where shot and that my main hormone testosterone was at the level of an old man – about 280 from memory. I had pre read and youtubed what a low testosterone count meant so while this was terrible news it was actually fantastic news. It meant that there was an answer, an effective solution or solutions that had been proven in so many other case studies. I lined up I think next day for a series of treatments, I had previously had Chelaton therapy to remove the heavy metals in my body – something very important to me as my mother had Alzheimer’s and heavy metals are contributory to this. I had also had my silver fillings replaced some years ago due to the same concerns. My treatment protocol was to have a series of Ozone treatments followed by Meyers cocktail and the first of my Testosterone injections – a slow release type that was good for a month or so. Within 24 hours my world had changed – it was so unbelievable. It was vivid and in such stark contrast to the years past. It lifted the brainfog, my vision of the world was like looking through coke bottle glasses. My wet eye stopped overnight, my thinking became clear, my attitude became positive, my light to everything was turned on – it was quite unbelievable and so welcomed. I think the massive total difference was evident because of the magnitude of the change. I went from a last legs position to a winning post position. I might now say however with the capacity to think clearer I am suffering a little all over again about the same losses in my life because everything is so much easier now – problems and solutions I mean. Which highlights what I was saying previous; “people can sometimes understand being unhappy but they can’t on the whole understand depression”. Now I know I need not have gone through the pain, not lost the love that I speak. While I was previously pushing away to protect myself, now I simply would have communicated. You push away long enough to someone who thinks you are doing it intentionally then you will eventually lose them which is the last you thing you actually want – but do not have the power when in the space to change what you do. A lack of clarity, brain fog, a lack of sleep, wet eye and its causes make you do stupid things- PERIOD! For that I have many regrets now that my coke bottle glasses have been removed. Up until this stage I had managed to lose some weight due in part to an absolute lack of care and motivation and that included feeding myself and also to my first real attempt at a 5 day fast which I started in self-disgust at reaching 100kg. I had tried a couple of short fasts previously none exceeding 24 hours. My 5 days fast achieve a 6kg weight loss but within a day this quickly reduced to a about a 5kg loss and over the next few weeks up and down a couple of kg. At the time of my testosterone injection however I was 93.7kg and the following morning with my new found positive attitude on life and natural re-newed motivation, I set about a routine of exercise and intermittent fasting and this very quickly showed benefits inside and out. I remember the first 3 days of eating in a smaller window of time was difficult to hang out for. I know from some of the videos you produce you say to get to a small eating window of perhaps less than 4 hours a day might take weeks if not months. For me, I’m more instantaneous than that. I had already learned of the benefits of fasting – I had had exposure of what it felt like previous and I simply went for it. I knew the function of the hormones Leptin and Grrelin and understood that the quicker I burnt through my bodies sugar reserves the quicker it would start burning fat and I would then be adaptive to easily become a fat burner. This now is truly incredible. I lost about a kilo a week from memory (if not a tad more) and I quickly reduced my weight about 8 kg to about 85.5 to 85.7 kgs. And honestly I can fluctuate for many reasons 5 or 600 grms so what is most important here is the trend, One day you are up a bit the next you are down a bit but the trend identifies the average and for me it as 15 kg down from my heaviest and the first attempts at fasting and 8kg down from my fasting lifestyle after my intervention with some good ole natural medicine approach to helping the body do what it can before trying to fix it with a drug that simply for me is not the answer. Although of late I have noticed that it is not uncommon to see my weight is often down into the 84’kgs now. My fast is primarily now intermittent with small eating windows that can be down to OMAD or 4 to 6 hours. I am at the stage now that I can eat or not eat- I rarely get hungry – like really hungry but I do enjoy the act and taste of eating food so some days I simply eat as I please. No not unhealthy food, but I eat because I decide to and I really enjoy it. Then the next day I simply go back to fasting. I rarely go longer than 24 hours but understand that I probably should fit one or two longer fasts in per every now and then because of the health benefits that I know this brings. I also bought a fit bit watch and shoot for 15000 steps a day be that in walking, running playing sport or house work etc. It’s a well spent $50 because if you can’t measure it you can’t track it. Google tells me that 15000 steps is 8.82 miles or 14km a day. I don’t do heavy weights but I do B3 blood flow restriction training (BFRT) with light weights. I won’t go into a long explanation here other than to say the health benefits and ease of this is at first well worth reading and learning about and then doing – BFRT is massively beneficial for your health. My diet is pretty much eat as much as I want in my window – well at least to the point of being full. I basically focus on non- processed food – your normal healthy meats and veg with some fruit. I don’t eat cereals or drink milk other than in my coffee and while I can drink coffee without sugar I do put a few grains in some times and never never intentionally anything artificial. I drink almost every day – not much but I do enjoy one to two beers and the odd (anything out of a bottle) but not with mixers- being full of sugar! I also discovered the amazing benefits of earthing and to be exact, sleeping on an earthing mat. I play a lot of the sport called Pickleball and have suffered with terrible knee pain for quite some time. I thought it was a result of getting older and fatter and over doing it a bit too much and this was to me a major major blow as sport and activity is that important to me – of course being 10 to 15 kg lighter now helps tremendously however my knees were so bad at one stage that I could not roll over in bed without pulling one leg over with my hand. The pain saw me get Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy on both knees at $1000 dollars per knee and 4 months away from playing or any strenuous exercise. I also had tennis elbow in both elbows that I opted to get cortisone injections for, being far less expensive – all be it cortisone is not a long term solution. I am more than pleased however that I also made $130 investment into a Grounding mat for my bed. (Grounding = Earthing – same thing) A grounding mat available online reduces inflammation and for me this is so noticeable and it is immediate. Remarkably I can start my day with say 5 to 1000 steps then go play 3 to 4 hours of Pickleball and after a night on the grounding mat, I can wake up and do it all over again. My elbows too are free of pain. A fantastic complimentary side benefit is that my sleep has also improved. And no, I no longer take inflammation medication. And to conclude fasting, it is just so easy to do and the more I learn of it or watch another video on it the more excited I am about doing it. One thing I learned with my Testosterone injections is that hormones win whether they work for you or against you. With fasting come along a host of benefits, but a major one is that many of your hormones get back to working as they should which in turn means your hunger and satiety hormones makes it just so easy to do – yes the first few days for me were hard, but since I have become a fat burner I have never felt so good not been in as good a shape for many many years. Lastly, the science says you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Personally, fitting into your old pants that you had long since left in the cupboard because you could not get the zip anywhere near zipped up is a confidence booster and the science of how you got there says it is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. The other two positives is that you can start now – and it’s cheap!

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