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By: Eric

Hello Dr. Berg, So my story is probably like many others out there. I've been overweight my entire life and as the older I got the more weight I gained. At 21 yrs old 260 plus lbs and working as a paid call firefighter I knew something had to change. That's when a good friend of mine told me about a diet he went on and got results. I followed the diet and workout plan all summer eventually dropping about 55 to 60lbs. I then stated to work for an Ambulance company that fall as an EMT where a Medic introduced me to the Ketogenic diet. I haven't had any form of carbohydrate or sugar since then. I've never felt better and my goals at the gym are to gain the muscular body I've never had. In was wondering what you recommend to continuously get bigger faster and stronger at the gym in regards to how much fat protein and carbs in the forms of dark green veggies I should be consuming. I don't measure anything out and eat about once or twice a day. I also do intermittent fasting. I am 5'9" 180-185lbs, and I go to the gym 6 to 7 days a week. I'm doing a 12 week muscle building workout plan.

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