I feel 20 years younger!

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By: Adam Vance

Having been overweight most of my life due to a high sugar/carb diet, I began watching Dr. Berg's videos and learning the science behind why I was fat and sick. However, letting go of my love affair with my favorite foods wasn't something I was really dedicated to do until I ballooned up to 288 lbs and began showing all the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and difficulty breathing while sleeping. I was determined not to be another victim of the establishment and began religiously applying Dr. Berg's teachings (keto with intermittent fasting) on how to properly feed my body. I began in March 2020 and today, August 9th 2020, I'm elated to report I now weigh 230 (58 lb loss and losing almost daily), have normalized my blood pressure, and can breathe again! Two weeks into the program, all of my diabetic symptoms disappeared and I no longer had to get up four times a night to urinate. My "moobies" which could rival those of many females are almost gone. My addiction to sugar, high carb/processed foods is a thing of the past and my appetite has greatly diminished. I am enjoying the journey to my goal weight of 190 lbs. Thank you, Dr. Berg! My before photo is close to my highest weight. I was around 275. Today's photo I'm at 230 and feel 20 years younger!

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