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Terri Schofield Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Terri Schofield

Got your book and started watching videos April 2018. I was so addicted to sugar if I didn’t pop candy in my mouth every 15-30 minutes I’d start get hand tremors and it scared me. I knew I was hypoglycemic, so it wasn’t diabetes. I was 245 lbs 5’ 7” and had a thyroid body but 18 symptoms of an Adrenal body. It made since why killing my self in the gym wasn’t working. Well.. I made sure I measured once a week and checked ketones with strips the first month. It really helped because I only lost 5 lbs the first month but lost 3” in my belly and 1” in each thigh!! I continued and eventually bought KetoMojo to get a true reading of glucose and ketones. After the first 4 months I’d lost 40 lbs then 60 lbs then 75 weighing 170. I got off Keto over the holidays and gained 15 lbs back so I’m back on the program. My goal is 150. Thank you Dr Berg. Terri

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