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Frank Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Frank

First week of Dec 2017. 5'7.5 (gotta get the .5) 285. On two statins and a BP med. Feb. had yearly cardio Dr. visit. He said that the Dr. in him says stay on statins but my life style change says more. So off all meds. As of June I am down to 225. I decided to see if I could hold that weight for a couple months. In the past, yo-yo weight loss. So I have (with in) 5# give and take. So I will get back to continued weight loss. Currently I have coffee in morning (black not sweet but to much 3-5 mugs, 12ou), have gotten to not hungry even at lunch most of the time. If I am, I have raw veggies (cuc, broccoli, zucchini, ravishes) with home made hummus (olive oil used), or homemade guac. Dinner I go for a large salad of greens, and a mix of veggies, and 6ou. or so of a meat protein. Sometimes a little cheese, but always dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper. Greens at least are organic, meats we try for pasture raised. Not a fan of eggs, two to four a year at best. Dinner can also be a smaller salad, with steamed or saute veggies and a meat. My wife is not on board with the Keto idea, instead follows low fat and counting calories that her Dr. and nutritionist say. If the meat served is low fat, I simply add a little olive oil on top....at least I can control the quality of fat instead of the questionable of the meat,

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