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Scott Lutter Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Scott Lutter

Dr. Berg, I started watching your youtube videos around the middle of May (2018) and decided to follow your advice as much as possible. Furthermore, your videos are incredibly interesting and very informative. So a little about me. I'm 56 and 5'10" (male) and weighed 240 lbs with the typical adrenal body type (big gut but not from alcohol), in May. My other body problems included arthritis in my hips, sleep apnea, toe nail fungus, swelled feet, enlarged prostate and a few other things. I'm also a regional truck driver in the DFW area, getting home about a day and a half to two days a week. Now I knew that I could not follow the Ketogenic diet to a 'T' because of being a truck driver. I have no fridge and can't make my truck into a pantry either. I was a huge soda and coffee drinker (cream and sugar-lots of it) but didn't/don't consume candy or other sweets. So I did what I thought I could do and that is cut out all sugar and carbs and do the IF thing. It's very, very hard to eat healthy when on the road, so I supplemented my meals by buying canned meats (Sardines, salmon, sometimes chicken), buying avacados and mushrooms and the like. I also purchased your cruciferous pill supplement and wheat grass mix and use them everyday. I also take other supplements as well. The result of basically cutting way down on carbs and sugars and doing IF, is that I lost an average of 5 lbs a week for the first 5 weeks and now weigh 210. So that's basically 30 lbs lost in about 7 weeks. My goal is to get down to about 175. I am so glad I accidently came upon your videos. Thank you Dr. Berg. (Sorry, no photos)

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