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“BEFORE” picture 9-30-17 “AFTER” KETO 11-10-18 After 1 year on Dr. Bergs KETO and IF and almost every Nutritional Supplement Dr Berg has available, has made a world of difference in my health! My wonderful daughter and her husband knew how sick I was and sent me Dr Bergs video on HYPOGLYCEMIA. That started my year long journey to getting HEALTHY FIRST! BEFORE Keto & IF I had NO energy or strength to even do my own shopping; I was even too tired to talk or attend Church services; hypoglycemia; headaches nightly; 3 to 4 hours sleep only per night; food allergies; I had terrible brain fog, couldn’t concentrate, or remember things; the list goes on. (I still deal with some issues of memory and neck pain due to congenital neck/spine problem.) After about 3 weeks of NO SUGAR & Dr Bergs HEALTHY KETO way of eating, I actually had enough energy to do Christmas shopping for my Grandchildren! It was a slow process to get to the energy level I have now, but I decided to NEVER give up even though I felt hopeless at times. Dr Bergs FB KETO LAB page was a big help for education and encouragement! I thank my Lord JESUS and my daughters encouragement and coaching and Dr BERGS endless supply of HELP on line. My AFTER picture was just this year at our Thanksgiving Day family reunion. I was amazed when I saw this “after” picture!

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