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Janne H Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Janne H

Before pic i was 90,5 kilos, After pic im 70 kilos. Total 20,5 kilos of weight loss. Before i end up to being fat, i was very good shape all my life. Around 2015 i quit my gym training and shift all my focus to work. I made long days with stress, and i ate lot of junkfood. After work i used to drink some beers. That combination made me swell like hell. I woke up when my weight was over 90 kilos. I tried to lose some weight but it wasn´t so easy anymore. My body had already developed Fat Storing Hormone problem. I faced so my plateaus when i tried to lose weight. Then i started keto. But i did unhealthy keto. I get my weight around 80 kilos. Then i find Dr Berg! With Dr berg methods, i get rid of my extra 10 kilos.I did body composition measurement. I was 79,5 kilos with 20,4% bodyfat. Then i did intermittent fasting with keto, graduated one meal a day. And after 2,5 months i was 70kilos with 9,5% bodyfat. And my visceralfat dropped significantly down. I had even got more muscle mass during this 10 kilos weight loss! Thanks a lot Dr Berg.

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