I now have no fat on my midsection, my belt size has shrunk 7+ inches.


By: Pat maloney

Before: In my mid-fifties, during a routine of medical checkups which had been going well (120/80 BP), my doctor asked me to take a blood test, which I did. The results indicated a very high level of triglycerides (450+), which shocked me into evaluating my health at a deeper level. The doctor recommended statins, but I wanted to take a different path to health. I had been a dedicated exercise enthusiast, using the rowing and elliptical machines for (2) hours 4 times a week. But I never lost any weight and was stuck at around 250lbs on a 6’3” frame. Then I discovered your YouTube channel. After: I had already given up all the versions of liquid sugar, but with the knowledge from your channel, I went deeper into my diet choices to find the additional carbs I was consuming. Using the glycemic index I eliminated the bad choices (like instant oatmeal) and substituted in better choices that had more good fats, were organic, and most important were pasture-raised. I completely gave up chicken. Results: From Jan-April 2021 I estimate that I have lost 50+ pounds of weight, I now have no fat on my midsection, my belt size has shrunk 7+ inches. I haven’t been at this weight since high school! I now eat (2) times a day on a rough 8 & 16-hour cycle, with no snacking between meals. And I’m doing this without any of the hunger cravings I had before. At each meal, I eat till I’m full. I still can’t believe the results! Thank you, Dr. Berg! 

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