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By: Chris Ciappa

August 2017 Weight 270-275, Height 5'10", Age 52 Issues: High Blood Pressure, Sore stiff joints, Rt. Ankle swelling especially when doing NO Exercise (exercise seemed to reduce swelling), Sleep Apnea (machine always near max pressure (20) in morning), sluggish, wore crocs all the time cause tying shoes was a chore, out of breath up one flight of stairs. Began juicing diet and exercise. From August 2017 to February 2018 took off about 20 pounds and was stuck. Juicing 1 bunch of Kale, small piece of ginger, small piece of turmeric, a lemon, 2 apples, 2-4 carrots, a cucumber. Exercise 30-60 minutes per day walking, increased elevation and speed gradually. Lost 20 pounds, still had all other issues (BP, Joints, Ankle, Apnea) February 28th 2017, Weight 255, Height 5'10", Age 52. Began Keto Watched most all Dr. Berg Videos on YouTube. Exercise: Back to weight training 4 days per week (Chest shoulders Triceps, Legs Back Biceps), Migrated to 30 minute sessions on Elliptical with Bursts of 30 second as hard as I could go and 2 minutes slower pace after first 5 minute warm up and concluded with 5 minute cool down) Meals: 3, to 2, now down to 1 per day. Meals and all food Includes: Most Every Morning 6am - 9am - Coffee w/MCT, Heavy Cream, or Butter (Grass Fed) Alternating Days 4pm: One large full blender Kale Spinach Lemon Juice, Blueberry Pom Stevia Drop (sometimes since working more and harder now I use a scoop of Protien Powder 2gm Carbs No Added Sugars). OR Meat or 6-8 Eggs and Greens Every day 1 Avocado If Eating Out Chipolte - Salad Bowl, No Rice, No Beans, No Corn, Add Guac, Fajita Veg, Greens, Meat, Sour Cream, Cheese, Mild and Hot Salsa Jimmy John - Large Unwich Other Burger Places - Burger or Double Burger w/cheese (NO BUN wrapped in lettuce) June - July - Began Outside Exercise Sprinting (Suicides on Basketball Court, no more elliptical or treadmill, some cycling 12-15 miles 2 days per week with sprints uphill 4 times on ride, swimming 20-40 lengths (over 500 yards once per week casual pace)) Today July 23rd: Weight: 205, Height: 5'10", Age: Still 52 until August 10th. Issues: High Blood Pressure (GONE), Aching Painful Joints (GONE), Ankle Swelling (GONE), Sleep Apnea Nearly All Gone (Max Auto Pressure always under 8, usually 4-6).

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