Almost 8 months into Keto I am 52 pounds lighter

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By: Andrew D.

I just watched the video on B5 thank, you Dr. Berg! I would recommend talking to your doctor and getting blood work done. I don’t want to come across as giving out medical advice. Anyways I was getting a bit tired after workouts especially. I watched the video and started on B5 and wow, I feel great! The picture on the left was from 6 years ago. I was bloated, depressed, and just feeling lousy. Almost 8 months into keto diet I am 52 pounds lighter and at 46 I have the best blood work and blood pressure numbers of my life. Thank you again Dr Berg for all your free videos! And for anyone getting discouraged please hang in there. We didn’t get to where we are overnight. Please give this program time to work. I didn’t lose any weight my first month but then week 5 it was pedal to the metal! The keto way of life is it for me. I’m never going back. Keto on!

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