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By: Gloria Parsons

3 months keto and intermittent fasting. Since I can remember exercising with my mother and Jack Lalane I have watchered my weight. 1974 on my wedding day I weight 110 size 7 age 19. Aerobics, walking miles,dumbells,bike rideing, you name it running after 2 boys. Very active. Also tested every eating plan on the planet WW , Jenny Craig. $$$. Ect... Age 50 started gaining ,energy gone. Life changing circumstances stressss... From 145 to 183 my highest now age 63. Lost 10lbs 2 dress sizes, pains bones gone, I can cut grass with a push mower. Before I couldn't push a powered vacuum. 1 meal a day 18 to 20 hour fast. Ketogentics and Doctor Berg have given back to me my life. Thank you.

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