135 days later I weigh 99kg

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By: Douglas Hogarth

On Jan 20th 2017 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Fasting sugar levels were 7.9. I immediately began to research the best way to reverse my diabetes and I found Dr Berg. I weighed 145kg. 135 days later I weigh 99kg I've come off Metformin and by fasting blood sugar is 5.0. I have lost 100 pounds during this time by simply doing a high fat diet 2 meals a day. In the morning I have 4 eggs 4 bacon with kerry gold butter. For mid afternoon I have chicken with Kale and Broccoli. Then I'm done for the day. Sometimes I'll switch the meat up for turkey or beef. Sometimes I will snack on some cheese in the evenings if I'm struggling. I have gone from 46 inch waist to 36 inch waist (and even the 36 inch trousers are loose) if I had listened to the NHS diabetes nurse I'd still be 145 kg or higher. Cut out the carbs and take control of your body again! Thanks Dr Berg for offering this free advice to me. It's saved me 20 to 30 years on my life!

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