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Dr. Berg’s Seminar Series

3 Extremely Educational 1-Hour Seminars
To Bullet-Proof Your Health, Energy & Body Shape


Body Types, Belly Fat & Metabolism

Series 1: Body Types, Belly Fat & Metabolism

Seminar Series #1

  • The 4 Body Type System of Weight Loss
  • Why People Store Fat In Different Places
  • The 3 Most Common Mistakes Trying to Lose Weight
  • Why Exercise & Diet May Worsen Your Metabolism
  • Separating Out Myths from Facts on Fat Burning
  • Learn Why Sit-ups Never Work for Belly Fat
  • Key Foods to Eat For Your Body Type

Long Term Healthy Eating Habits

Series 2: Long Term Healthy Eating Habits

Seminar Series #2

  • Nourishing versus Calorie Counting
  • The Amazing Effects of Food on Your Hormones
  • Long Term Healthy Habits in a Thumbnail Sketch
  • The Perfect Diet for All Body Types
  • How to Rid Cravings in 72 Hours
  • Powerful Stratergies for Long Term Weight Loss
  • The Secret to Sticking With it Long Term

Creating a Stress Free Body

Series 3: Creating a Stress Free Body

Seminar Series #3

  • The 3 Hidden Surprising Sources of 99% of Your Stress
  • Learn 3 Techniques to Rid Stress Every Daily
  • The 7 Ways Stress Destroys Your Body Shape, Brain & Health
  • How to Rejuvenate Your Sleep and Energy
  • How to Improve Your Cognitive Concentration & Focus
  • Simple Tips of Improving Your Tolerance to Stress

Health & Wellness Seminars

Increasing Energy! Reduce Stress! Lose Weight

Hi, this is Dr. Berg and welcome to my site. If you want to get healthy and lose weight fast, you came to the right place. I have invested over 25 years in this area and have discovered that many of the common theories of weight loss are dead wrong. If you search the net and try this and try that, you're going to be disappointed and frustrated. It all conflicts and it is information overload. You don't need more information; you need less but more quality information. I have created many resources to help you lose weight all based on getting healthy first.

You see, if you shift your goal and focus on getting healthy, your energy, your sleep quality, and many other body problems will improve. You will notice something interesting - your weight will come off faster. From working in the field of weight loss, and after giving over 4800 seminars on belly fat, hormones and body types, I have yet to find just one person who knew how to burn fat. Instead they count calories or think they can exercise those calories off and get thin. What's missing is the knowledge of how to burn fat, how to use foods and exercise to manipulate your own fat burning hormones. My health seminars provide the answers to these questions. Everything you eat either helps you lose weight or helps you gain weight through the hormone system. But the fast way to lose weight and rejuvenate your metabolism is the healthy way. For seminars that focus on sustainable healthy weight loss contact me now.

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