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Ketogenic Eggs Benedict


This dish uses our One Minute Biscuit recipe as the muffin for the Eggs Benedict!  Learning how to poach an egg and how to make hollandaise sauce will take some finesse and patience, but once you master it, you will love it!

One Minute Biscuit macros:

2 Poached Eggs with 2 slices of Uncured Canadian Bacon and 2 Tablespoons of Hollandaise Sauce macros:

Ketogenic Eggs Benedict

TOTAL TIME: 40 mins


For Poached Eggs:

Egg - 2 large

Vinegar (any light colored) - 1 tablespoon

Water - about 2 cups

Salt - 1/2 teaspoon

For Hollandaise Sauce:

Butter - 1/cup, melted

Lemon Juice - 1 tablespoon

Egg Yolks - 3 large

Additional Ingredients:

One Minute Biscuit - see recipe

Uncured Canadian Bacon - 2 slices


For Hollandaise Sauce:

Set up a double boiler: a small sauce pot, filled a little less than halfway with water and a small bowl on top (should be heat safe: glass or metal).  You do not want the water to touch the bottom of the bowl because that would scramble the eggs.  Place the small bowl to the side.  Start warming up water on medium heat.  In the small bowl, mix together egg yolks and lemon juice.  Mix well until it thickens a bit.

Melt down butter, put this to the side, you will be using it soon.

Place the egg yolk mixture over small sauce pot once the water starts to lightly boil.  Keep stirring the mixture.  You want to keep the mixture moving so that it doesn't cook in one specific spot.  The mixture will appear to be thicker once it gets warm.  As soon as it starts to appear to be thicker, you can remove it from the heat, but keep the bowl on top of the sauce pot.  This will still give you the heat that you need to make the sauce, but it should ensure that you don't scramble your eggs.

Start to slowly add melted butter and mix at the same time.  Always mixing as you're slowly adding the butter.  Start tasting the mixture.  Slowly add salt and more butter, make sure to taste as you're adding.

Once it gets to your desired consistency and flavor, store it in a thermos or a coffee tumbler.  This sauce is very finicky.  The ingredients can separate from each other and your sauce will "break."  If you keep the sauce warm, it will not break.  It is also important to keep it warm because you are dealing with raw egg yolks.

For Poached Eggs:

Fill a small sauce pot with water, vinegar, and salt.  Place on medium heat.

You want the water to start to lightly bubble and steam, but NOT a rolling boil.  If it starts boiling, then remove the sauce pot from the heat.  Turn down the burner's heat.  Let the water come down in temperature and place it back onto the burner.

Crack your egg into a small bowl, so that you can just drop it into the water when you're ready.

Use a slotted spoon, so that when you pull the egg out of the water, you strain the egg and don't get a spoonful of water with your egg.  Once the water is bubbling and steaming, but not boiling, start stirring the water in a circle to create a vortex/little tornado into the center of the pot.

Drop the egg into the spinning center.  The egg will spin a little, but it will take a little bit of time for it form its shape as it's cooking.  The egg should take shape after about 30 seconds.  If your water starts boiling, remember you can just remove it from the heat, let the temperature come down, and place it back on the heat.

With your slotted spoon, you can slowly start to flip the egg over in the water and check the doneness around the yolk area.  This will take some finesse, just be gentle and take your time.  You want the egg to feel firm like jello, but not hard.  The center of the yolk should still be runny, but if it's not cooked enough, then the egg white will be runny.  You might need to practice this.

Toast your one-minute biscuit.

Sear the Canadian bacon in a pan over medium heat with a little bit of oil.

Build your eggs benedict.  Serve with a BIG salad!

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