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Over the past 8 years, I have summarized all the fat burning foods for women and men as they do differ slightly because of estrogen. There are two sets of hormones, ones that burn fat and the other set that makes or stores fat. Fat burning foods could also be called belly fat burning foods, since stomach fat must be released through hormone triggers.

Interestingly, the fat making or storing hormone triggers are dominant, which means in their presence, all 6 fat burning hormones are nullifies. In a medical physiology book called Guyton’s Physiology, used by all medical students, there is an important reference to the ABSENCE of carbohydrates that trigger fat burning. Many people only focus on what to do but ignore what to avoid. Refined carbohydrates like sugar, honey, breads, pasta, juice, etc. all will severely shut down any chance for the fat burning hormones to work.

I have listed the fat burning foods on the chart and more importantly listed the fat making foods as well.

Realize that there are varying degrees of protein concentration. In other words, the top fat burning foods, especially for protein is eggs and fish and left out the types of protein that are low quality like soy and even chicken. The challenge with excess chicken is the way these animals are treated, even the so-called free range chickens. Factory farmers may have a door in the barn, which provides a chicken to roam, yet this doesn’t always mean chickens will. Having thousands of chickens in a barn with no sunlight or fresh air will affect the quality of meat you eat.

So the best fat burning foods have been listed in this simple chart. Download the chart, study it and apply it.