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My weight loss story from 64 kg to 52 kg


By: Sejuti Saha

I am 30 and I have been doing intermittent fasting for 6 months now. I was 64 that time and I have a history of thyroid and PCOD for last 12 years. When I was 64, my entire period cycle got disturbed. I was not having periods for months and when it used to happen it used to bleed excessively. Then I started intermittent fasting. I maintain 18 hours fasting window. I have my lunch at 12 pm and dinner by 6pm . In between I have some fruits. I have cut short on sugar, tea, coffee and dairy products. I started loosing weight and right now my weight is 52.8kg. I take morning walks also everyday. I am very happy. I feel energized all the day long and my cycles are getting normal again.

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