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Lifelong karboholist

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By: Anette Morland

I am a nurse in northern Sweden. My whole life I have been addicted to carbs. I ate mostly candy. My new life has started at age 66. I feel so much healthier. In three months, I have lost 10 kg. I’m 169 cm and my weight was 94.5 kg. Now with Keto, I’m down to 83.5 kg and still losing. The problem I’ve had is cramps in my legs and I’ve found out that it is because I’ve skipped carbs and that it is a combination of potassium sodium and magnesium that I need. And also D3, K2, and Omega 3. Now,I sleep without a problem. I still work as a nurse and I’m very happy and thankful for all information I’ve had for managing this lifestyle and my goal is that it will be lifelong. Sorry I have no good photos first photo is after three months of keto and the second photo is before I started keto. I look more healthy in the first photo I think. Sorry for my bad English spelling.

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