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Keto and Fasting, Amazing!!


I love Dr. Berg's regular videos and have enjoyed all the interviews I have watched so far. The content is exceptional. Dr. Berg really is well informed, or more to the point is well researched and extremely knowledgeable. AND obviously dedicated. I became interested in nutrition about 15 or more years ago. I guess loving and watching my boys grow and being an Early Childhood Teacher made me question diet and availability or recommend foods! When I acquired my BTch (ECH), about 30 years ago it saddens me that people rolled their eyes when the mother's expressed how sugar and food colouring in food really affected the moods of their children. Years later when I was introduced to the Vagus Nerve, by an interview of a Chiropractor turned Clinical Nurse, turned Neurologist, (after a head injury that he was not getting logical results about). I tried to talk to people about these fascinating facts and was considered a bit bonkers!! Still Am - when I suggest that general medicine may not actually be on the ball! Anyway, you get the picture- I am keen to look for alternate health. Sorry just setting some background. Moving to a Keto diet and fasting was actually easy for me. Due to work demands, I would place my blackberries, yoghurt and seeds ( ground poppy, flax, pumpkin, sunflower, chia and sesame) in a jar with the idea of eating them as I worked. I never got to eat them until my break at 2:30 pm. By default, I would do an 18 hour fast each day. Also, I would avoid processed carbs, bread, pasta, rice. Love butter, always organic unsalted, cream and cheese!! AND eggs, I have eaten two a day forever!! Have only eaten grass feed meat for many years! I have never had much of a sweet tooth, until menopause. I love walking and have become more active with age. I am not and have never been overweight (5 foot 3, 49 K) Sorry seems long winded but I will get to the point,! NOW, I discovered your videos and thought I should actually try to follow a Keto diet, combined with fasting! People always said how amazing my energy level was. I am 61 years old and until COVID Lockdown was attending yoga classes 4 times a week. Best thing I ever discovered, YOGA! And walked dogs daily. Kayak weekly, I just like moving. NOW- keto AND Fasting... Now to the point - I decided to do try July in June! I expect I actually drink too much red wine and have worried about my liver for years! Then thought I would add serious Keto and Fasting. OMG, unbelievable results. When my energy plummeted, I went to your videos and added some salt and potassium. Worked like a dream! Within three weeks my energy level was increased and steady. I never got hungry and was soon not eating until 4:30 pm!! Was struggling to get all the yummy foods into my meal. AND my sleep was amazing, I began sleeping like a log! The real eye-opener for me was my mood! Hadn't noticed that I had issues. I thought my moods were pretty good until Keto and Fasting showed me otherwise - suddenly I always felt settled, happy, and relaxed. Then the BRAIN, OMG.. seriously Dr. Berg I became sharper! For example, my memory blew me away ... AND when I was knitting and needed to count my stitches, normally I would almost be to the end of counting and have to start again. Not now I can count quickly and not even doubt myself!! So I am feeling amazing... Thanks for your smarts, dedication, AND tenacious personality. Regards, Delwyn

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4727 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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