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I said to myself 237, diet!

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In May 2021, after almost two years of staying home and eating, I did it over 230. All my life, I have been the heaviest in the family. I took many pictures of my face but hated my body. I have been married 54 years and my husband just loves to see me unclothed. In my first year of marriage, I stayed in the closet, hiding so he would not get excited. I only weighed 160 and was very ashame.

After two children and stopped smoking and drinking. I shot over 200. And kept growing. I lose weight many times. But was unable to stop going back to my family's way of eating and cooking. I am a great cook. There are a few things I can not cook. I love YouTube and I believe I should learn something new every day. I watched cooking shows and HSN, QVC, and Doctors' shows.

One day I watched a show on KETO, I thought I really need to change the way I eat. I know the man had made so many changes to the food we eat that it is killing us faster. My doctor told me three years ago I was Prediabetic, I have had diverticulitis, for about two years, and she said no cure for it. I spent days every few weeks home with vomiting and with diarrhea.

SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE! SO I had a talk with Ivy, I said. All your life you have eaten whatever you want, you went to work so you could buy all the candles you love to eat and sweets. ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH. So I started the search for replacement foods. Sugar first. I went on AMAZON, and order all the sugar they had talked about on the KETO YouTubes I watched. I tried them all only one I could stand. MONK SUGAR. So that took care of my coffee in the morning.

Next is the bread, I must say I just had to get past the bread. I was a big bread eater. Just love it. I steal have to force myself to stay away from it. I use heavy cream in my coffee and I make my own ice cream. I eat mostly meats and salads and vegetables. I get back on KETO as soon as the holidays are over. I GET THE FOOD OUT OF MY HOUSE. LOL, MY REWARD FOR MAKING THESE CHANGES. No more vomiting, diarrhea, diverticulitis, weight loss of 34 pounds. I feel great. I do eat good fats so being hungry only at lunch and dinner time. I have breakfast at lunch. I give myself a five to six-hour window to eat. Then stop. I am happier every day. So glad I made this life change. I watch Dr. Berg's videos daily. I AM LEARNING A LOT FROM HIM. Thank you Dr. Berg.


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5368 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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