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Doing Intermittent fasting for many reasons


First of all, thanks to Dr. Berg for being my family's sincere and dedicated Doctor for enlightenment in every field of our problem. Dr. Berg, I am from India and I came across your channel this year in the month of April when we were running for father-in-law's medical check who is a chronic heart patient. Ever since I am a big big fan. I'm married with two toddlers and from a big family tree on both sides with health-related issues. I have shared and been sharing your videos and promoting your advice which actually works for many of us. We cannot thank you enough.

My success story:

1. huge success for me is my husband and I have started doing intermittent fasting together (which is huge) 18:6 and it's incredible. Our weight is going down day by day and we feel sooo good.

2. Information on vitamin deficiency. We have had chronic aches and pains, my husband always had high BP, had removed the gallbladder but after we have started taking vitamins which we never knew could improve our condition, it really is improving. Thank you. Controlled blood pressure with vitamins is awesome. Looking forward to learningmore about healthy living through you and your team. God bless you.

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Thank you, Dr. Berg
4727 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others! Add your success story

4727 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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