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So I, my wife, and our two kids contracted whatever it is that is Covid even though it hasn’t been isolated yet. Anyway, we got it last Jan. 1st, Friday. That day we got a call from our friends that they all were positive for it. Then on Monday, I coughed all day at work (solo I own property) but only cough and started to feel a little tired. Tuesday, I again worked although for only 6 hours as I was too tired around 2 and went home (no contact with anyone) that night body hurt, and was tired but had no fever ever. Wednesday, I woke up and Instantly knew my taste and smell were gone because believe it or not when I was a kid, I was sick a couple of times with flu that makes everything taste like mayo or chemical. So my strength was coming back Thursday and my cough went now with intense head pressures that sat in like a knife in my forehead. So for three days till Saturday no smell, no taste, and no test although my wife went and got one and I was confirmed positive for it! I never went to the doctor and the only meds, I took was Mucinex to relieve the pressure, and Sunday and Monday little blood in my mucus from my nose then Tuesday it was all gone and again, none of us ever got a fever.

As for my wife, she lost taste and smell and had pressure as well but no cough, no fatigue. My two sons one-year-old and almost 5 years old I swear to god never even coughed or showed any symptom. So what I did to beat it; I followed your advice. I up my vitamin D to 30,000 units a day, my magnesium to 3 a day instead of two 10,000 IU of vitamin c. Oregano oil (p73) and my zinc from one to 4 per day with copper. Also, I take ubiquinol and L-carnitine. All these while drinking fresh ground by myself thyme, cinnamon, ginger, olive leaf, honey tea.  And this you will like and I have nothing to hide.

The entire time I never stopped working or working out and personally, I have used marijuana for 24 years. I used more than normal while I had it. That is the truth. I never lost my breath and I never stopped. Now that being said, it is now October 21, and one week ago, I and my wife had antibody tests done by a prestigious hospital here in Pittsburgh and the results are as follows and if you need I can send photos of the documents at your request. But my wife has >2,500 antibodies and I have 10.5 which I think I have more but it was off the scale as she took an antibiotic that does nothing for viral infection and hers says >2,500?

It has been over ten months now and still has massive antibodies because the scale starts at .8 for reference. Thank you for everything doctor Berg! A couple of years now since I had Lyme 3.5 years ago, you have been a huge part of our health. I am 42, take zero meds, fast 16-20 hours every day and my family only eats the best at I think organic food money can buy.

 Just want to share our experience with you and maybe you can use it to help others. Again, I can and would love to show you the antibody documents and see the disclaimer they put on them. Thank you, Dr. Berg, and all your staff and staff families. With God's love, your friend, Mike Raffaele! I know some things I did you can’t elaborate on but it’s ok lol!

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5264 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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