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Completely reversed fatty liver in 5 months

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On April 21, 2021, I was diagnosed with NAFLD after a fibroscan test showed I had a level 3 fatty liver fortunately with no to nonsignificant fibrosis, significantly high cholesterol and LDL, and having a blood pressure of 141/73. I am a 43 years old male who basically just ate far too much simple carbs and sugars. My Doctors were encouraging and supportive in spite of the poor results and explained to me that in spite of the bleak results, the situation can be improved upon.

Not fully understanding the severity of this situation, I continued life as per usual for May 2021 and decided to research how to manage a fatty liver from not getting worse. However, after watching the videos of Dr. Berg I realized I could reverse my fatty liver and it would take time but could be done. So, in mid-June 2021, I got my head in the right space and decided to diligently follow Dr. Berg’s advice on how to reverse a fatty liver as well as how to manage cholesterol.

My starting weight was 91 kg (BMI = 28.40). Essentially, I cut out ALL added sugars and chose fruits and vegetables that were low in fructose. I eliminated all carbs (except for that which is naturally present in vegetables and meat). I exercised 5 times a week on an exercise bike for 40 minutes doing HIIT. The supplements I took daily were fish oil (to give +1,000 mg EPA), 200 mg Vitamin E tocotrienols, 500mg milk thistle, 250mg Choline, Vitamin D3 10,000 IU, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C 1,000 mg, and probiotics. I ate salmon/sardines daily with avocado and kimchi and forced myself to eat a bowl and half (7 cups) steamed vegetables daily and take fat-free Greek yogurt with maqui berry and cacao powder. I fasted for 20 hours per day and ate in the remaining 4-hour window. First two week was absolute hell (never realized it would be so difficult to cut out sugar and carbohydrates; living in Asia you need rice with meals).

I felt so drained and lethargic and my legs throbbed and were constantly stiff. Yet I persisted. On October 6, I went for repeat blood tests and after shocking the Doctor with the amount of weight I had lost it was agreed to perform another fibroscan. My weight on October 6, 2021, was 77.8 kg and my blood pressure was 124/73.

To summarize, I totally reversed my Level 3 NAFLD (297 CAP) to level 0 (156 CAP). My cholesterol results did the same. I have attached the relevant pages of my medical reports to show. Thank you, Dr. Berg for all the content you produce. It has completely changed my life. You equipped me with the necessary knowledge and belief to rescue myself. This lifestyle change I have made is one that is entrenched and so easy to continue. I literally feel better than I have felt in years.

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5155 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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