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Cancer and keto.


Dear Dr. Berg,

The reason I’m writing to you is because I saw you were beginning to do research on cancer and keto, and I think I’d be the perfect candidate to take part.

Long story short, I had severe endometriosis for 24 years (that was cured using Chinese medicine in 2021), I was put on opioids because I couldn’t bare the pain, I had so many infections that I’d take antibiotics very frequently, or else the pain and fatigue would render me immobile and worst of all, I was put on many hormone BC pills without anyone checking my hormone levels - which were so high already that when I developed breast cancer they were “shocked” to see how high my estrogen and progesterone levels had been.

The reason I ignored the developing cancer was both because I was told initially that “fibrocystic breasts were normal” and because the tumor didn’t hurt at all, but the endometriosis was killing me, so I picked my battles, having two laparoscopic surgeries that still did nothing for me long term. This is how I got to a stage IV cancer diagnosis in 2020. I received chemo for 9 months before realizing it was poisoning my body so much that I couldn't bare another day and just quit the treatments. After 2020, I completely lost all trust in modern medicine, as all Israelis were sold to Pfizer as lab rats, and all doctors were made to recite the party line - this losing all trust from the public, and started experimenting with diet and nutrition on my own.

After several failed experiments (including going vegan and my failure to eat 100% raw which left me weak and craving carbs - feeding the tumor) I settled on keto. Three weeks in, my bone ache completely went away, I was satiated enough to be able to do IF, and that helped heal my gut and my fatigue and pain even more. Now I’m completely off any painkillers (I used to take 60mg of oxy daily).


During the last holiday, I decided to take a “break” and celebrate with pizza, the pain was so bad that I learned the hard way that I cannot touch any more carbs or sugar, I knew that before, but only when I felt the pain return did I realize how right I was on the Keto track. I used your videos to get back into keto. I’ve been using a book by another doctor in Canada who developed a plan for keto for breast cancer (Dr. Veronique Desaulnier), as well as your YouTube channel as my main tools. I’m using 80% raw food (low carb vegetables and green juices) and healthy fats for the rest, matcha, broccoli sprouts, medicinal mushrooms, CBD oil, and even herbal teas and saffron-herbal teas, as well as roots such as turmeric and ginger, and avoiding sugar and carbs altogether. I take full responsibility for my health choices, but I’d like to take part in your cancer research from now on as well, if possible. Thank you. Maria, Israel.

4930 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others! Add your success story

4930 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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