Health Coach Certification

Health coach certification ensures that all health coaches have the ability to work with all types of people, and ensures they have the required skills to best fit the needs of their clients.

health coach certification

Health Coach Training and Certification

Benefits of health coach certification:

  • Work from home!
  • Do it part time or full time!
  • Learn Dr.Berg's system!
  • Get trained in 6-8 weeks!
  • Increase your income doing what you love!
  • Really help people get healthy and lose weight!

What is the Health Coaching program?

There is nothing more satisfying that helping people get healthy through an effective Health Coaching program. Dr. Berg’s Health Coaching System is unique because each body is different and each body needs its own unique eating and exercise plan. Dr. Berg's health coach training will make you realize that if you put everyone on the same plan, success will be limited. Dr. Berg The Knowledge DocTM has spent 25 years perfecting his healthy weight loss system and he is now allowing people to learn how to be a Weight Loss Coach.

Health coaching begins with the fundamentals and expands into a whole body approach using healthy eating plans, correct exercise programs and stress reducing techniques. You will also learn Dr. Berg’s simple evaluation strategies, which go beyond the traditional symptoms-treatment approach. We do not treat symptoms or disease – we help people create their health!

Being competent in weight loss coaching helping people create healthier bodies boils down to understanding sound principles. The knowledge Dr. Berg will teach you is derived from years of working with tens of thousands one-on-one. A Health Coaching program is only as good as its instructor. And the problem with a lot of health coach training programs is they lack of experience of working with tough cases 1-on-1. You don’t need to know lots of philosophies or matching symptoms with the herbal pill of the week.

You will learn a powerful system of helping people with weight issues, fatigue symptoms and stressful body states. Learning Dr. Berg’s system and getting results will be very fulfilling as you make a huge impact in the lives of people.

Here’s the real problem...

There is a huge problem with healthcare cost sucking 22% of national debt in Medicare. But check this out – only 10% of this group is costing 70% of the total expenditure mainly on 7 diseases. This is where all the money is going – towards the 10%! These 7 diseases are: Alzheimer's, Stroke, Diabetes, End Stage Kidney Disease, Chronic Lung Disease, Heart Disease and Cancer each one costing the tax payers between 40-150 billion yearly. All this money spent but nothing on prevention, no attention on creating health to avoid these 7 diseases. The solution is simple – learn from the mistakes of others and start creating your health now BEFORE the doctor says, "the test are positive for cancer". Some cancers take 20 years to grow, why wait. It’s up to people like you or I to help those around us create their health.

Contact Dr. Berg Now About Health Coach Certification

Want to find out more about health coach certification? Right now we are offering a special scholarship to select individuals. To see if you apply, call one of our representatives at 703-354-7336.

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REFUND POLICY: This program is non-refundable. Please refer to the Health Coaching agreement for further details.