Scotty Braccia's story

Scotty Braccia learned about the ketogenic diet over a year ago. After reading a book about it on Amazon and listening to various podcasts, he turned to YouTube where he found Dr. Berg’s videos.


After gaining much needed knowledge, Braccia decided to start living the Keto Lifestyle on May 7, 2018. In just ten weeks, Braccia has been able to lose 43 pounds and while he admits he still is far from his goal weight, he’s much closet to achieving his goal than he was before.


Braccia was tired of feeling depressed, fat, lazy, and just not himself. This is what prompted him to really kick himself into gear and now he’s ecstatic to be feeling more mental clarity and more confidence.


“I can go to the beach or a pool now and not have a complex about taking my shirt off, where just 10 weeks ago I probably would have just avoided places like those, knowing I would feel embarrassed,” Braccia explains.


Braccia mentions that whenever he had a question about the process, Dr. Berg had a video to answer it. That’s when he subscribed to Dr. Berg’s YouTube channel. “Dr. Berg is still my go-to when I come across something I’m unsure of,” says Braccia.


Having a strong support system is key when it comes to achieving goals of any kind and as a single father of two, Braccia found a support system in them. The fact that they offered to help cook meals and substitute things we used to eat for keto-friendly recipes really helped Braccia stay with it.


“My daughter, Sasha has even taken up the Keto Lifestyle and watches Dr. Berg’s videos too,” smiles Braccia. “I helped coach her through it and when it comes to my kids, just like I want them to be happy, they want me to be happy.”


It’s common that starting anything is the hardest part and Braccia’s weight loss journey was no exception. He wished he would’ve started a year earlier when he first learned about the Ketogenic diet and Braccia urges anyone considering Keto to just do it… just start!


“Once you get past the first two weeks of Keto, it gets easier and easier and you start feeling better and better,” Braccia goes on. “You will be amazed by how much energy you have and just lifting up my shirt, seeing my progress, and just feeling better is all I need to keep going.”


Intermittent fasting has been a life changer for Braccia and it’s this lesson from Dr. Berg that he’s resonated with the most. “It’s easy to get right back on track with keto through intermittent fasting,” explains Braccia. “With Keto, you fuel with fats and with fasting you run off those fats.”


Favorite Way to Exercise: Walking at first, now you’ll find him running by 4:30 every morning and lifting weight in his garage. Braccia will be running his first 10K in November!


Favorite Keto Recipe:

  • big Green Leafy Salad with avocado,
  • hardboiled eggs,
  • meat cooked in coconut or olive oil.


Braccia likes to keep it simple but strict.



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