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Paul's Story

Paul's Story

I first discovered Dr. Berg in June of 2017! He has given me the knowledge to save & transform my life.

I started watching Dr. Berg’s video’s in June & July of 2017. For some reason, I just wasn’t quite ready to get better then, I guess.

But the seed was planted.

In fact, I gained even more weight after that by eating exactly how I shouldn’t be eating and how he didn’t advise to—a diet full of carbs, cereals, all the refined flours.

But then I reached 250 pounds. The highest weight I’d ever reached.

So in January of 2018, I started doing extensive research into the Dr. Berg way of eating. I had to try something.

Throughout life,  I was “normal-sized” for the most part…until I reached my mid to late 20’s.

Then marriage came and I quit losing weight from sheer running around. I became less active and the weight started to add up.

When I got into my 40’s I was getting very close to 275-300 pounds!  I tried dieting on and off over the years but all I kept doing was yo-yoing up and down. Now that I have found Keto & Intermitting fasting I do not foresee that happening anymore.

I think just getting caught up on living my normal life is what led to my weight gain, not being educated on bad foods & also consuming too much beer did not help matters. Eating & snacking has always been a normal way of living for me & pretty much everyone around me.

Over time, I tried every crazy diet idea over the years. I once did a Raisin bran & Cheerios diet with fat free milk. Funny thing is I would lose weight but it was never a sustainable diet. I also would do low fat diets & avoid bad carbs but I never realized how sugar was the problem not just the carbs. I know so much more now from following Dr.Berg & Keto.

My first small steps into keto eating—or, at least, thinking about a low carb approach to health was when a  friend of mine told me to stop adding sugar in my coffee after I was hitting a weight loss plateau about a year ago.

He also told me that he was doing a keto diet. So when I went on YouTube and typed in “sugar toxicity” – I somehow happened upon Dr. Berg.

Now that I have put Dr. Berg’s info to work, I have lost 72 pounds in the past 23 weeks. So total weight loss over the past three years  is 105 pounds.

Even my sleeping is so much better. I also had a weird condition of red blemishes on my feet, which I believe could have been a pre diabetic symptom which has completely gone away since I started keto and IF. I stopped taking my statin medication. My energy and focus is so much better.

As far as cheating goes, beer, drinking and partying is my weakness. I’ve always enjoyed socializing with a glass of wine or beer or two. Sometimes more. So my biggest weakness is social gatherings with alcohol and unhealthy foods & snacks. But luckily the few times I have cheated I am usually feeling sickly for a few days afterwards so my desire to cheat is going away.

If I were to give anyone advice on how to go into the keto/IF program with Dr. Berg and really succeed based on my own personal experience, I would tell them this:

 This is not a weight loss diet! It’s a life TRANSFORMATION DIET. I tell everyone who will listen about Dr. Berg and his amazing info.  I currently have a Facebook group which has 61 members, and I am trying my best to spread this life transforming information to as many of my family and friends as possible.

I share as much info and videos from Dr. Berg.

His message is getting to so many people and he is saving so many lives. God Bless him.  

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