Joshua Ayo's story

Joshua Ayo is naturally an active person but he tore his meniscus and ACL in his knee leading to a 50-pound weight gain. “I had to do something about it and decided to start eating clean,” says Ayo. When doing research and learning about ways he could change his bad eating habits, he stumbled upon Keto in February 2015.


He came across Dr. Berg’s videos after researching sources of potassium and looking up general Keto knowledge. Dr. Berg’s philosophy of healing your body first and everything else will follow accordingly really resonated with Ayo.


“Keto is life-changing,” Ayo says. “It was a smooth process for me and something that was never much of a challenge to ‘stick with’. Keto has become my lifestyle.”


Ayo explains that he first started Keto to lose weight but now it’s more for the cognitive benefits and to feel good, prevent diseases, and so that he can enjoy time with his kids. “It’s funny to think of ‘giving up’ with Keto,” Ayo says laughing. “It just doesn’t cross my mind. I think I’d be lost eating any other way now.”


It’s safe to assume that Ayo is strong-willed. When he first started Keto, he didn’t even tell anyone and once he started sharing his experience, he was surrounded by skeptics. “Even my wife was skeptical about Keto at first because I was eating so many fats,” says Ayo. “Now she’s been doing Keto for over a year and has lost over 40 pounds as a result!”


But Ayo didn’t need the initial support of others to follow through. Following a Keto diet along with Dr. Berg’s helpful tips, he’s now able to enjoy playing basketball and running in marathons.


“If you’re someone struggling with Keto and you’re not seeing the weight goes down, please do not stop!” urges Ayo. “It will take time to fix what was broken for years. But trust me, the Keto and intermittent fasting are doing their jobs.”


Ayo swears by Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder and never misses taking it, especially before a half marathon. “It boosts my energy and makes my legs feel so light and strong!” says Ayo about the powder.


After sharing his journey with friends and family plus posting tips and updates on social media, Ayo started to see that, without realizing it, he had an effect on others. Now, his mother (who is a cancer survivor), wife, relatives, and friends around the globe have been inspired by him and have started doing Keto and intermittent fasting. “It’s a good feeling seeing the people around you change for the better,” Ayo says with a smile.


Favorite Way to Exercise:

  • running,
  • walking,
  • basketball,
  • lower body workouts


Favorite Keto Meal: Ayo loves his Keto Mocha Cake!



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