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Joe Pedraza's story

Joe Pedraza's story

Hey everyone! My name is Joe Pedraza.

First, I want to say I’ve found a whole new way to live through Dr. Berg’s program. I’ve never felt happier, more energetic, or healthier. Each day is like a new gift.

I was always chubby growing up. I always felt overweight and self-conscious. When I reached  high school, I already weighed 190 pounds at 5’9”.

Then I got married, which seemed to cause more weight gain for me. I don’t know if it was “love” or getting too comfortable or spending too much time sitting around, but I ended up gaining more than 100 pounds in less than 10 years. It didn’t help that this was ten years full of eating a lot of sugary foods, which I love, and drinking about 2 liters of soda every day. Not to mention eating all day—which I also love.

But most of all, I think what triggered my weight gain was that although my body began to change in my twenties and I seemed to gain weight easier than before, I continued eating like when I was younger and it just slowly packed on until I was very obese.

Before Dr. Berg’s program, I tried every diet known to mankind. I tried low calorie diets, potato soup diets, and the Atkins diet where I had temporary success at losing about 40 pounds in about 3 months but after that I gained not only that back but then some.

I discovered Dr. Berg’s new “healthy” ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting program in October 2016 and—finally—I found real, simple, lasting solutions presented in clear, trustworthy language.

I was very impressed in how he presented it and how simple it was – and most of all, with how knowledgeable and straightforward Dr. Berg is. These short, simple videos give people all the tools they need to lose weight in short, simple formats that suit a busy lifestyle.

When I first began Dr. Berg’s program, I weighed 316 pounds.

Yesterday, I weighed myself and I am down to 203 pounds. I lost my first 116 pounds in just 10 short months. And ten months goes by so quickly as an adult. So, you go from fat to thin in a blink of an eye on this program.

I never used to work out or eat healthy, but now, I feel so great that I work out five times a week doing both weight training and cardio training.

This diet is the easiest the fastest, and produces lasting results. It’s the best diet I’ve ever done and the only diet that has kept the weight off.

But wait, it’s not a diet.

It’s a way of eating where the weight just jumps off.

It was only hard the first THREE days. I recommend anyone starting the program start it on a weekend, when they have a few days off, so you can really devote yourself to getting through the initial, more challenging period.

Not that it’s THAT hard. It’s not. The food you eat on a ketogenic diet is so filling you never get hungry. But for real carb junkies, like I was, you will go through a few days of sugar withdrawal—but Dr. Berg has all kinds of tips for that and they all work very well.

See, I was used to drinking sugary sodas and coffees laden with sugar and creamer all day. Now I drink water and black coffee and

  1. I don’t miss it at all and
  2. I feel great.

But if you are eating like I was, you will go through a kind of “detox” period while your body adjusts to that initial sugar withdrawal. You may feel a little bit out of sorts.

Of course, I still consider myself young at 41.  But that’s because I felt so much older before starting this program.

In short, I couldn’t recommend this program highly enough to anyone wanting to lose weight AND feel great.

The way I’ve approached Dr. Berg’s program is this. I started out eating three meals a day, like he advises while eating no snacks between meals. Before long, I was doing one meal five days a week.

What I do is a blend of 1 meal a day/ 2 meal a day intermittent fasting so I can eat and bond with my family.

Monday through Friday I do one meal a day. I eat kale, spinach, all the green vegetables I can eat with oils like olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. Those days I also eat proteins. Then on Saturday and Sunday, I do two meals a day so I can eat with my family. I feel great on all these days. I mean, I feel as good on my two meal days as I do on my three meal days.

But I can tell you this… if there are days when keto food is not readily available, I feel like crap the next day—really groggy and tired. This happens whenever I eat non-keto food, so I try to eat keto only—why feel bad when you can feel good, right?

Before keto and IF, my joints hurt all over, badly, every day. From Dr. Berg I take its probably inflammation caused by bad food, refined grains, and sugar, sugar, sugar.

So I really don’t like the way I feel when I eat non-keto food.

Not too long ago I had some cake at a party and it actually made me sick—throwing up sick, so my body is actually starting to reject sugar.

Now, I eat mainly green vegetables…grass fed butter, fatty, grass fed meat, and nutrient dense foods.

I’m proud of what I’ve done—losing over 100 pounds, but more than that, I’m happy about all the people I’ve been able to recommend to Dr. Berg’s site who have witnessed my weight loss and wanted to know how I did it.

For people beginning this diet, I lost 12 pounds in just the first week. Some of that was water weight but there was fat loss too.

I still have a ways to go—I want to lose another 8 to 10. Ideally, I’d like to get down to 180—190. But I’m so happy to feel better that I’m really in no rush now.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to try this diet—keep it simple. Remember this:

Simply keep following Dr. Berg and you’ll soon see the results of weight loss and better and improved health.

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